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Interested in Ministry to Uganda?

SAMS-USA missionaries partner with Anglican/Episcopal churches in this region to grow the Kingdom of God. We hope you will be encouraged or inspired by these stories and reports from current and former missionaries in the field. We also encourage you to consider becoming a sender to this part of the world.

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Lockdown 2.0

On Friday morning, the president announced that he would address the nation that evening. Announcing a speech with no notice is never good news. We knew our COVID numbers have been going up. I’d gotten to the point at which I didn’t want to open my UCU email for fear of…

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Social media woes continue

Thank you for your prayers for Uganda through this election cycle; it has largely been peaceful, though there is still a large police and military presence around. I think most people are just wanting to resume life.
The night before the presidential election, the government announced that they would shut off the…

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Thank you for praying; please continue

Thank you all so much for your prayers for Uganda on Wednesday! I had to run errands in Mukono town on Thursday, and I asked the people I met at their businesses if they were safe. Thankfully they were, and one told me that much of it had been happening right…

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Please pray for Uganda

Please pray for Uganda. Pre-election violence has been escalating, and the major presidential opposition candidate was arrested today. People are rioting, the police is responding with tear gas and lethal force. I spoke with a student about his dissertation today, and he said Kampala is chaos. The election is 14 January…

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Uganda update

Greetings from rainy Mukono! I wanted to give you an update on how we are in Uganda here. Like the rest of the world, we are watching with somewhat bated breath to see what the next developments are. 
As of 22 April, Uganda has 61 confirmed cases of COVID-19. 41 have recovered,…

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