Go as a Missionary

Long-Term Missionary

Has the Lord given you a heart to serve Him through cross-cultural ministry? Serving with SAMS could be God’s answer to that prayer. Do you have questions about becoming a long-term missionary?

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Missionary Bridger

A SAMS Bridgers serves from one month to one year and is partnered with a long-term SAMS missionary who serves as a mentor. The Bridger applicant must be age 18 or older (up to age 88!), and must have completed high school or the equivalent at least one year before starting the program.

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Short-Term Team Missionary

SAMS’ short-term teams work with our long-term missionaries in assignments that last from one to two weeks, depending on the project requirements. SAMS offers team leader training to equip people who feel the call to led teams into the mission field.

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