Short-term Missions

The primary goal of SAMS’ Short-Term Missions program is to place Christian mission teams with our missionaries worldwide. We send church teams to work with SAMS’ missionaries or site-coordinators from one to two weeks, depending on the project requirements.
Working with SAMS’ missionaries or site coordinators is beneficial to the missionary and to the sending church. From a missionary’s perspective, much-needed help is received from the visiting team on a project that will aid the ministry of the missionary. From the sending church’s point of view, the resources the church uses to field a short-term team will also be used to further the work of a long-term missionary. This arrangement is a win-win for both the church and the missionary host.
SAMS offers team leader trainings to equip people who feel the call to led teams into the mission field. 

If you are interested in short-term missions with SAMS, please contact the Short-Term Ministries Coordinator.