Long Term Missionaries

Become a Long-Term Missionary

In Matthew 28:19 (NIV), after rising from the dead, Jesus tells his disciples to “go and make disciples of all nations” before He ascends into heaven. Based on this verse, we know that He calls every believer to mission work and to make disciples wherever they go. Some believers find themselves called even further to travel internationally and share the Gospel across languages, cultures and borders.

Long-Term Anglican Mission Opportunities

SAMS is called to support cross-cultural missionaries by providing the resources for them to engage in long-term mission opportunities. We enable these disciples to carry out Anglican missionary work by helping them connect with financial and spiritual partners so they can use their expertise to spread the Word of God.

Remember, you can use any expertise and skills you have to glorify God in your long-term missionary position. There are opportunities in practically every sector. In the past and now, our missionaries have provided assistance in:

  • Church development and planting
  • Construction and Architecture
  • Higher Education
  • Children’s Education
  • Full-time care for orphans & vulnerable children
  • Healthcare
  • Business & entrepreneurship
  • Mental health education and resourcing
  • Human trafficking prevention
  • Mentoring and empowering youth
  • … and more!

You’ll soon discover that everywhere you go, there is a need to show people God’s love and devotion through words and deeds alike. God can call anyone to serve him cross-culturally. Our missionaries are both young and old, singles and families, all seeking to spread the Gospel. You can learn more about our missionaries here.


You are a discerner

Seek prayer, advice and discernment from your church. Talk to your church’s leadership about serving as a missionary.

You are an inquirer

Contact SAMS and have an initial conversation. If you, SAMS and your church decide that you have the potential for cross-cultural ministry then you will be asked to apply.


You are an investigator

SAMS may invite you to attend a discernment conference called the Crossroads Conference. At the conference, you will learn more about SAMS, ministry opportunities, life as a missionary, and the many ways that SAMS will support you. You will be involved in several types of interviews. You will have opportunities to ask your questions.

You are a missionary candidate

SAMS will prayerfully seek God’s leading with you and with your church. If all are in agreement then you will become a missionary candidate. You will seek prayer and financial support. You may take a trip to discern the best placement for you as a missionary. You will attend trainings which may include support raising training, language learning training, cross-cultural training, and other specific trainings you may need.

You are a missionary

You are a missionary living and ministering in a new environment. You will spend considerable time in the first year understanding a new culture and possibly learning a new language.

Discerning a call to cross-cultural ministry can seem confusing and difficult at times. With many years of guiding and praying for inquirers, candidates and missionaries SAMS staff is ready to help you during every step of your journey from initial discernment to support raising to ministering as a missionary. We look forward to serving you in the name of Christ. We believe that God’s work is the most exciting and important thing on this earth. 

Start the Conversation

If you’re considering answering the call to missionary work, it’s important to start the conversation now. SAMS is ready to help you begin the process. Call us at +1 (724) 266-0669 or visit our contact page to connect with us today.