Long Term Missionaries

Become a Long-Term Missionary

In Matthew 28:19 (NIV), after rising from the dead, Jesus tells his disciples to “go and make disciples of all nations” before He ascends into heaven. Based on this verse, we know that He calls every believer to mission work and to make disciples wherever they go. Some believers find themselves called even further to travel internationally and share the Gospel across languages, cultures and borders.

Long-Term Anglican Mission Opportunities

SAMS is called to support cross-cultural missionaries by providing the resources for them to engage in long-term mission opportunities. We enable these disciples to carry out Anglican missionary work by helping them connect with financial and spiritual partners so they can use their expertise to spread the Word of God.

Remember, you can use any expertise and skills you have to glorify God in your long-term missionary position. There are opportunities in practically every sector. In the past and now, our missionaries have provided assistance in:

You’ll soon discover that everywhere you go, there is a need to show people God’s love and devotion through words and deeds alike.

Steps to Becoming a SAMS Missionary

Whether you choose to become a long-term or short-term missionary, our application process for overseas missionaries is simple:

  1. Let your church know about your intentions. They are often overjoyed to support a member of their congregation in missionary work. Then, contact SAMS for more information about our various opportunities.
  2. Complete your SAMS application. Remember to provide references as well.
  3. Attend one of our three-day discernment conferences. This conference will give you more information about our dioceses and ministry opportunities around the world.
  4. If we select you as a candidate, you may need to take a trip of your own overseas to determine where God wants you to serve. You’ll also attend fundraising training through SAMS or other organizations who will help you raise up a sending team.
  5. With our staff to assist you, you’ll confirm logistical matters like travel arrangements and insurance.
  6. Begin learning the language and culture of your new home country so you can build relationships and start sharing the love of God as soon as you arrive!

Our Missionaries

Our missionaries are both young and old, singles and families, all seeking to spread the Gospel. Whoever you are, SAMS wants you to follow your calling to serve, just like our over 100 missionaries who have been on the field with SAMS. Join these missionaries and others doing global outreach in the vocations to which God has called them:

  • Gregory and Heidi Whitaker, Church and Medical Ministries in Cambodia
  • Mary Chowenhill, Business Education Ministry in Uganda
  • Jacky Lowe, Women’s Discipleship and Vocational Training in Madagascar
  • Meredith, Children’s Ministry in Mexico
  • David and Patricia Ayres, Church Planting in Germany

Start the Conversation

If you’re considering answering the call to missionary work, it’s important to start the conversation now. SAMS is ready to help you begin the process. Call us at +1 (724) 266-0669 or visit our contact page to connect with us today.