Mission Opportunities For Teachers

Overseas Mission Opportunities for Teachers

As a missionary, God has called you to build His Kingdom using all the gifts He has provided to you. Whatever your unique skill set is, answering the call to serve as a missionary puts you on a journey to use your gifts all in His time.

If you’re an educator, you have the opportunity to impact the world’s future leaders with the Gospel. SAMS has an abundance of mission opportunities for teachers and educators worldwide. Join us by building relationships with your new students and introducing them to the most important teacher in their life — Jesus Christ.

Advance the Gospel Through Education

Education is an opportunity to share the glory of God with students through teaching about His world and His Word. Teachers are a necessary part of all our lives, and as a missionary, you’ll be taking education to the places in the world that need it most. Whether you’re experienced with early-childhood, K-12, or post-secondary education, there is a need for Christ-loving educators across the globe. Furthermore, Christian education is a ministry that keeps on giving, for students will pass on what they have gained. 

Teaching children as a missionary is an life-changing experience. Along with teaching children to read, write, and do arithmetic, you’ll be able to share the light of Christ. By providing the truth of the Gospel as you meet them in their place of need, you’ll give them foundational knowledge and skills for life. You’ll help them to thrive and continue sharing God’s love with their friends, family and community. You will likely learn a lot from your students and their culture, too. 

Teachers for higher education are also needed. Help equip adults young and old for vocations serving the Lord in a variety of fields, like business or law. Assist seminaries in training the next generation of pastors and ministry leaders with theological and ministry education. By teaching and mentoring local Christians in ministry, you support them to reach their own communities and cultures with the hope of the Gospel. 

Partnering with SAMS for your overseas mission will help you bring new disciples to Christ and grow our global Anglican family. Providing education to children will enable their families to be part of a community that shows Jesus’s love and devotion. By the grace of God, empowering children and adults with Christ-centered education is a missions teaching opportunity that continues to impact communities long after your ministry work is done.

Serve With SAMS

Countries where SAMS Missionaries have served in education include Thailand, Chile, Ethiopia, Solomon Islands, Uganda, Kenya, Cambodia, Honduras, and Ecuador.  SAMS Missionaries serve anywhere from a few weeks to the rest of their career sharing the Gospel abroad. Please visit our Go as a Missionary page for more information and to engage in the discernment process.