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The SAMS blog is a collection of works from our short and long-term missionaries out in the field, SAMS news, and other Christian outreach ministries we support. If you would like to receive the blog posts by email, click on one of the blog posts and then click the box ‘notify me of new post by email’ at the bottom of the post or just ‘subscribe’ with your email at the top right hand of the page. Join Us. Thank you.

Finally Back!

Well we have officially finished our time of deputation in the States and are now back home in Belize. It has been both wonderful and exhausting. We had the chance to visit so many different family members, see old friends, and visit churches across the country as we crisscrossed the…

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#CarryOnAdvent: Ponderings

These past months I have done a lot of driving, and while Heidi works on communications, I think about, contemplate, ponder and wonder about many things. God, theology, history, philosophy, astronomy, etc. I think about the billions of beings I am driving past which...

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