SAMS Stories

SAMS Stories is a collection of works from our short and long-term missionaries out in the field, SAMS news, and other Christian outreach ministries we support.

Did you just read our 2020 Annual Report? Click here for the story about the picture from Nigeria.

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Lockdown 2.0

On Friday morning, the president announced that he would address the nation that evening. Announcing a speech with no notice is never good news. We knew our COVID numbers have been going up. I’d gotten to the point at which I didn’t want to open my UCU email for fear of…

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From the Heart

Heartfelt greetings to you all from the heartland of the United States! Our family is doing well, and we pray yours is as well. It’s time for an update on our stay in Indiana as it comes to a close, and a preview of what our ministry, study and life will…

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