A Story of Hope

A Story of Hope

As the sun rose to welcome a new day on September 28th 2017, young E. arose from his bed and began his daily routine. He heard the sound of the roosters in the background as a cool breeze wafted through the window and over his face. He was completely unaware that this was no ordinary day.

Housemother Eva came to him with a glimmer in her eye and a huge smile on her face that made him suspect something was about to happen. She cheerfully told him to put on his best clothes, because they were taking a trip to visit his family. E. had not seen his biological family since he was three months old and was left at a feeding center with life-threatening malnutrition. The surprising news made his heart skip a beat, but he had been well prepared by our psychologist for this visit. A flood of excitement and anxiety washed over him, as he struggled to control his thoughts and feelings.

Two hours of driving on rough mountain roads brought E. to the town of his birth. Over thirty family members received him with open arms and many tears. The baby who was once lost had now been found. His mother’s tearful embrace showed the depth of her love for her son, whom many had believed was dead.

After twelve years and countless questions, the pieces of E.’s life story finally began to fall into place. When he had been restored to health as a baby, he was unable to return to his birth family and was transferred to a city hundreds of miles away. His family, who live in extreme poverty with few resources, lost track of his whereabouts until the day he returned to their town as a young adolescent. The joyful celebration left E.’s head spinning as he processed the new pieces of his life and all he learned about his family.

God has a plan and a purpose for each of our children. Through an amazing sequence of events, the Lord gave SAMS missionary Mike Miller along with our social worker access to government files disclosing the whereabouts of E’s family. Due to his family’s continued state of extreme poverty, our social worker has recommended E. develop strong bonds with them from the safety of our children’s home until he completes his education. Our hope is that one day E. will return to his village as a capable Christian leader and make a positive impact that will bring new opportunities to his community.

It is our duty to prepare our children for the day when they will leave our home and enter the world. Part of that process is guiding them to discover who they are and where they come from. In E’s case, there was a happy family reunion. Unfortunately, for the majority of our children, their stories are so full of pain and their family members so dysfunctional that it will be a difficult process for them to assimilate the information. Initiating a relationship with some family members could be detrimental to the children. So as they develop, each child will be told more about their family on a timeframe our psychologist deems is appropriate. Within this safe and loving environment, they will be able to process and accept their difficult past. We trust God to redeem and restore their lives while he heals their hearts and allows us the privilege of shaping their future.

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Children at Risk: Changing Young Lives

Children at Risk: Changing Young Lives

Did you know that over 400,000,000 abandoned children live on their own on the streets of hundreds of cities around the world? They struggle to just survive the day. UNICEF defines an abandoned child as one who:

Does not know where his or her next meal is coming from, does not know where he or she is spending the night,and he or she does not live with either the mother or the father.

The Cry

Alicia is a beautiful 18-month old baby girl with a smile that can light up a room. However, it takes a long time for that smile to emerge. In Alicia’s short life, she has known little love or attention. She was found alone, wandering the streets of a busy city in Honduras at 2:30 a.m. A caring woman brought her to the police, who then left her in a government-run child protection center.

Two weeks after arriving at the center, a young teenage woman arrived and claimed to be Alicia’s mother. She told the center’s director that she wanted her baby back. The mother was informed that child neglect and endangerment is a crime and if she wanted her daughter back she would have to go to court and prove to a judge she’s capable of caring for her baby. The young mother has not been seen since.

Many babies like Alicia remain in the government center waiting for someone to come to care for them… someone to love them. They will remain in the government center until a responsible family member comes to take them or they are placed in a private children’s’ home.


How Can You Help?

The first thing you can do is Pray! People who have been called to work with children at risk globally need prayer and financial support, too. By praying and supporting, you are helping send SAMS missionaries around the globe. Lastly you can GO! Is God calling you to missions? Learn more about missions with SAMS, whether it is long or short-term.


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