I am filled with joy to report I am back in Honduras!  I have had several reunions, eaten way too much Honduran food, and discovered to my relief that my Spanish is about what it was when I left.  The best thing that has happened so far is attending church at the Children’s Home.  It had been a year since I last attended church in person, a year since I had taken communion.  The little kids have gotten bigger, we have several new children, and some of the older children have moved to the transition program and are living in houses around Tegucigalpa.  Other than that, it was just the same.  I really felt like I had been to church the week before.  It felt like home. As I felt the breeze and watched the trees sway outside the window, I thought about the Holy Spirit.  A feeling came over me that this church experience was just like God, who is, was, and ever shall be.  We change, we come and go, we move closer or away but He is always steadfast, always faithful, always the same.  Thanks be to God.

Today is Monday, my 4th day back.  I am finishing up a few “tareas” (chores) before I move out to the Children’s Home for the foreseeable future.  I will be living with the medium boys!  Being the mother of two boys, this is a perfect fit for me. I will get more details tomorrow about how I can be of service to LAMB and to God.  I am also praying that we can welcome teams again soon.  There are rumors here that the vaccine from Russia may arrive.  Pray for that, or any vaccine.  It is an election year so maybe that will motivate candidates to get the vaccine into the arms of the people.  Everyone is vigilant here about COVID precautions.  EVERYONE wears a mask.  To enter a store you have to walk over a mat soaked with disinfectant, have your temperature taken, and get a squirt of hand sanitizer.  When you enter the Children’s Home, they disinfect the car tires and your shoes! 

It is so wonderful to be back, although I always miss my family and friends.  I look forward to the day I can walk into church and worship with my St. David’s family. 

Thank you again so much for all your love, prayers, and support.  They go a very, very long way.  My prayers remain for each of you.