Help Share the Gospel in Practical Ways!

SAMS World Relief Fund

Missionaries are living out their calling in this COVID-19 pandemic. Yet their communities are in greater need than ever. The SAMS World Relief Fund provides them the resources to model Christ’s ministry in practical ways. All funds are dispersed directly to missionaries or their diocese through our grant process.

For Example


Groceries for 1 Bolivian Family


Groceries for 4 Bolivian Families


Feeds 40 Ecuadoran Families for 1 Week

Stories from the Field

How You Can Help


Help us generate awareness for our missionaries’ needs. Share this page and all related content on your social accounts.


Pray for our missionaries in the field. You’re also invited to join missionaries and senders in Noonday prayers weekly at noon EST.


If you are able, please consider giving to the World Relief Fund. Even a $25 gift can go a long way towards serving practical needs around the world.

Help Share the Gospel in Practical Ways!