A Wide, Open Door

A Wide, Open Door

When the doorbell rings at our flat across from the Cathedral, we’ve usually no idea who will be standing there. 

A delivery? (Almost everything can be delivered here in Egypt – it’s wonderful!)

Someone needing directions, prayer, a chat, a cup of tea?

Yesterday I opened the door to see a dear brother, broken and literally battered.  My heart was heavy as I listened to his latest grief of which he has many.  He is loathe to bother us but is desperate for prayer.  He and his family escaped a war zone and, as refugees, work hard to survive.  One of his sons has become a part of a gang and in a drug-induced rampage, beat up his father and elder brother.  If the father sends him back to their country, it would mean death.  If he turns him into the police…what a choice…  All he wanted was prayer.  “Since Father Kerry prayed for me, I have not been attacked by the gangs.” 

Father God has given us a wide door for effective ministry.  (I Cor. 16:9)  Please pray that each time we open our door we would have the wisdom, selflessness and courage to meet our guests with hope and faith.

Pilgrims and Parables

Pilgrims and Parables

After studying the Beatitudes in our weekly Bible study, several people expressed the desire to learn about the Parables of Jesus.  The English-speaking congregations at All Saints’ Cathedral in Cairo consist of brothers and sisters, seekers and the just plain curious from more than 26 nations.  There is also diversity in “walks of life”.  We have refugees, domestic workers, ambassadors, diplomats, professionals all worshipping together at the Friday and Sunday services.  It’s a sampling of heaven to us!

One of the ladies from a very different religious background believed in the “Only Way” a few years ago and continues to grow in understanding.  She was unable to attend the Beatitudes study but took home a book. She recently said this:

“The Bible study book on the Beatitudes is really helpful.  I had no idea they echoed the Psalms.

Christ really did come to fulfill and confirm as He said.”

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness!

During the summer we will explore the Parables of Jesus.  Will you pray that those who are curious about Jesus would come to hear His teachings and believe in Him?