House Hunting in Belize

Belize: First Visit

Mission: Find a House

Meeting Friends, Home Searching, and Dreaming

– “What is your favorite part about Belize?”

– “We don’t know. We’ve never been there.”

– “You’re moving there for a year and you’ve never been there?!”

– “Yep!”

We have had the above conversation more than once. More often than not, it would continue with comments about our bravery. I think bravery and faith look similar, but are overlapping ideas. Bravery chooses not to fear; faith chooses to trust. I’m not sure Missy and I are being brave. Rather, I think we are having faith, trusting that our Father has good things in store for our family in Belize. We belive he has good work for us to put our hands to, and rather than experiencing fear, we are full of anticipation.

Fortunately, at least now I have seen Belize! I spent all last week there. The mission on this trip was to find a home in San Ignacio and to get to know the missionaries we will be assisting, David and Mary Beth Alenskis.

San Ignacio, Belize

San Ignacio is around 2 hours west of Belize City. David graciosuly agreed to pick me up from the airport and let me stay at their home all week. It was an adventure from the start with delayed flights, packed customs qeues, and overheating trucks. But though it was dark by the time we arrived home, we made it safe and sound. The first night ‘s meal consisted of Salbute’s from Lupe’s. We’ll talk food on another post, but let me say I will be eating a lot of these.

David and Mary Beth were wonderful hosts. We had many fantastic conversations over shared meals. I am genuinely excited for them to meet Missy and I believe the four of us can be great friends.

They both tapped into their network of friends to try and find us a place to live. We looked at so many places, but by the end of the week, we had a winner!

“Friendship has always belonged to the core of my spiritual journey.” – Henri Nouwen
This little beauty is a 325sf tiny home built with a shipping container as it’s foundation. It has one bedroom, a kitchen and a bath. Missy, Annabelle, and I will live here, sharing the bedroom. The open portion you see is a deck with a fantastic view of the city.  We are so grateful to have found it! It is only a 5 minute walk for Annabelle to get to school. We found much larger (and in some ways nicer) homes outside of town, but our hope is that this is a simple time for us. Missy doesn’t want to drive and we don’t want to have to take a bus to get everywhere.

The owners are going out of their way to be accomodating. I’ve already been receiving updates with photos. They’re even letting Missy and I choose paint colors for the interior and exterior. We feel so blessed to have found this tiny little place. If you know us, you know it is perfect.

I was also able to visit Annabelle’s school. I think she is going to love it!

I’ll leave you with two photos. One of the school and the other a photo I took inside of St. Andrews Anglican Church. We hope to bring ourselves fully to this community, serving, learning and experiencing God in new ways and with new eyes.

We’re Going to Belize!

We’re Going to Belize!

Annabelle is always up for an adventure!

Hi! We are Missy, Evan, and Annabelle Hansen. We currently live in Charlottesville, VA. From December 2018 to December 2019 we will be working with SAMS’ missionaries David and Mary Beth Alenskis in Belize. This is Evan writing. I’ll tell you a bit about us.

Both Missy and I have been full time ministers in the course of our lives. We moved to Charlottesville 10 years ago to help start a church, All Souls Charlottesville, where I am an elder.

Missy was born to missionary parents in Zambia, has worked in women’s ministry, and is currently working as a Licensed Professional Counselor. I think she’s brilliant. She will be doing some counseling through the local church in Belize. There are no therapists in the region where we will be living and we are told the need is great. Please pray we will find a way for Missy to best use her time to help people well without being overwhelmed by the need.

I am a minister ordained in the Baptist tradition through All Souls. I studied theology at Gordon-Conwell and worked in College ministry at the University of Virginia. I currently work as a Realtor, but mentoring young leaders is something that has remained important to me. In Belize I will be mentoring, discipling, and equipping lay leaders in the local parishes. I’m a jack of all trades kind of guy and hope to put my mechanical, carpentry, and musical skills to use as well. Please pray for me to learn to slow my pace and let the Spirit guide my interactions. 

Annabelle is 5. She just finished Kindergarten and is currently taking swimming lessons. She loves all things science. She has a great imagination and is already planning archeological digs at local sites. She also saw a video where kids ate termites in Belize and she can’t wait to try that out. We’re all excited that she’ll have school uniforms so we don’t fight about what she’ll wear every morning. Please pray for her to form rich friendships. 

How You Can Participate – PRAY

Prayer is not asking. Prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God, at His disposition, and listening to His voice in the depth of our hearts.  – Mother Teresa

We know many things will be in flux and are anticipating challenges and adventures.Our preparations have already been going on for over six months but as our departure draws closer, they are escalating. Our lists already seem too long to possibly be accomplished. Please pray for our many preparations and especially for Evan’s visit in November to find a suitable house to rent.

We will blog here with general ministry updates. If you would like a photo card for your refrigerator, or if you would like to get regular emails with more detailed life and ministry updates, let me know at

How You Can Participate – GIVE

Our church, All Souls Charlottesville, generously supports us in this endeavor with their prayers and financial support. We too, are making financial contributions towards this mission, but we also need your prayers and gifts. We need to raise $30,000 in order to provide for our costs for one year including transportation there and back. We can share our budget with you if you so desire.

We look forward to sharing God’s love with the people we are going to serve and thank you very much for your support. We will keep you informed about your investment in our ministry and we look forward to sharing more about our experiences with you when we return.

With all our love,

Evan, Missy, and Annabelle Bright Hansen