I am a SAMS Associate Missionary and the President of Honduran Operations for Osman Hope, Inc. Osman Hope is a Christian non profit organization that operates four shelters for the poor children of Honduras. Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty by providing basic necessities and ensuring that the children get an education.

Hurricane Eta stomped on Honduras with five days of continuous rain. The result was devastating floods. One of our Osman Hope shelters had water up to its roof. The picture shown is the roof top of our shelter. Two of our workers lost everything as their houses were completely covered with water. The whole community was under water. The waters have yet to completely recede and there is another hurricane expected to hit Honduras again in a few days. This campaign intends to collect funds to restore the houses of the two Osman Hope workers, to restore the shelter and to help the families of the children that attend the shelter as they also lost everything.

Update from SAMS Mission Director Stewart Wicker on November 25, 2020:  The need has increased with the recent devastating effects of Iota which struck many of the same areas as Eta. Our missionaries in Honduras are seeking to respond. Hondurans in the region that Margarita is ministering are facing the most dire circumstances with dwindling food and water supplies, threat of disease, and limited shelter. Millions are displaced and there is no room in the shelters for thousands so they are seeking to create makeshift shelters. I encourage you to join your Society in interceding for Hondurans and other Central Americans who are seeking to survive and be renewed by hope after these back-to-back hurricanes. May our gracious Lord Jesus Christ have mercy. May He be glorified through all the efforts of our missionaries and the Honduran church in sharing His good news in word and deed through the coming months, and for many years, of recovery.


The video above shows one of the teachers from the flooded children’s shelter (previous photo) as she returned to her flooded home!  Pray for wisdom for SAMS Associate Missionary Margarita Grachen and all of the staff of Osman Hope that she ministers with as they seek earnestly for the Lord’s rescue of their community.