Prayer Mail May 15

Dear Friends,

This is our prayer mail for 15 May 2016:

This week, 

I updated a few Websites.
I have been adjusting back to the temperature and humidity of New England. I miss Belize.

I am also helping out in a local parish here.
I have been back in the U.S. and an settling into the stride between trips. That does not sound quite right. Let me try this again. I am looking ahead to what God will be doing in our ministry with Belize until my next trip. There are several possibilities coming up for the next trip. Partly this is will be informed by when ordinations might take place in Belize (a moving target by the day – but probably in July-ish? – short trip), and part is according to fixed events (for the moment on the Diocesan Calendar), such as Diocesan Synod in October – a standard trip.

I am planning strategic moves with the Commission on Ministry in Belize.

Courses continue as one student at least is headed into the homestretch of about 6 months or so to go, after having been taking courses for 4 years and applying them. Awesome. The ripple effect of various students’ work is beginning to be felt across Belize, quite possibly a significant vector into the military, in one case.


1) that this time period between trips continue to be fruitful, and for all the plans we are making for the future in Belize in several areas, and for all the people involved in those plans. 

2) For the future: for people in the ordination process and future ordination plans, for people in the distance learning program, for the Commission on Ministry, and for the Bishop of Belize.

3) Meanwhile, prayers for the Spanish Prayerbook as it moves closer to being printed.

4) I pray for you every day.

5) If you are going to be at the Diocese of Albany diocesan convention in June, look for our booth.

Are we making a difference? Absolutely. We are the Holy Trinity’s people, at the right time, doing the right things, as the right team in Belize. Awesome. 

God bless you,

Fr. Shaw

Local is Lekker

There is a saying in Cape Town, “local is lekker;” meaning, local is good. Friday night, Wayne and I had the privilege to visit three youth groups. All of these churches are situated on the Cape Flats in communities that are riddled with gang violence, drugs and economic hardship. Since we serve on the provincial level, we oftentimes don’t get to spend quality time with local youth groups unless we are doing a training or an event; so it was great to spend time with these young people, sharing with them about the upcoming Anglicans Ablaze Conference and just being with them.


For our American friends, did you know that most of our youth groups meet on a Friday evening instead of a Sunday afternoon? The youth groups we attended were located in Bonteheuwel, Manenberg and Heideveld. If you want to find out more about the Cape Flats, check out “Overview of the Cape Flats,” which gives a decent account.