A small church in Mexico shines the love of Christ into their community, like the Advent of a small Baby shines light into all the world. When this church saw with Jesus’ eyes the needs in their neighborhood during pandemic lockdown, the leadership used a gift they received the previous year to distribute packages of food and Bible resources.

SAMS Missionary Meredith Omland has ministered to children through this Anglican church for over 20 years. She shared: “Everyone who received a package was blessed and many were surprised. One family said they hadn’t eaten anything all day. In giving out these packages, we’ve also invited people to watch our Sunday services. We’ve been able to add children to our virtual kids’ club group. We encouraged recipients to share the love of Jesus by sharing with others in need. We have heard numerous testimonies of how people who received these packages then, in turn, shared with their neighbors.”

Generosity begets generosity! Several Senders joined with Meredith’s church to provide resources for even more packages of hope. Over 312 packages have benefited 175 families, and more are ready to give away. Meredith is thankful her church in Mexico has been faithful “to shine Jesus’ light in the darkness and show His love to our neighbors during this difficult time.”

As the incarnate Word “made his dwelling among us” (Jn 1:14), SAMS Missionaries like Meredith usher in the coming of “the true light” (Jn 1:9) to many corners of the world. Your prayers, gifts, and encouragement during this critical time support them in this calling as they face new and multifaceted challenges caused by the pandemic.

I pray the Lord will inspire us through the examples of the church in Mexico that gave away a gift to help their neighborhood, and the recipients who passed the gift on to other neighbors in need.

My prayer for you is that the Lord will shine his light into your place of need this Advent season. May the light in you extend out to your neighbors in need, near and far.

With hope in the dawning light,

Stewart Wicker
President and Mission Director