Has the Lord given you a heart to serve Him through cross-cultural ministry? Serving with SAMS could be God’s answer to that prayer. Do you have questions about becoming a long-term missionary? Here are some answers:

Q: How long can I serve?

A: SAMS missionaries can serve anywhere from 1 year to career.

Q: Are there age limitations?

A: As long as health permits SAMS missionaries can be from 19 to 100 years old.

Q: How do I know when I am called?

A: SAMS is here to help you with that very important question. We will provide you with resources, an inquirers conference, and suggestions for your home church, all to help you know how God is leading.

Q: How long does it take to become a missionary?

A: Usually, it takes about 18 months from the time you enquire until you begin language school.

Q: Are SAMS missionaries employed by SAMS?

A: Yes, but all our SAMS missionaries must raise their own support. SAMS provides a budget and, of course, lots of training and support in finding prayer and financial partners.

Q: Who does SAMS send?

SAMS sends those of the Anglican Tradition who are willing to work under the authority of Anglican Bishops around the world.

Q: Does SAMS provide benefits?

A: Yes, benefits such as life insurance, health insurance, children’s educational benefits, and retirement funds are all a part of a SAMS missionary budget.

Q: What part does my church play in this?

A: SAMS exists to help local congregations send missionaries. Your local church will help you discern how God is leading. SAMS requires the participation of the local church in each missionary’s application and sending.

Q: How do I become a missionary?

Most start by phoning or emailing SAMS and then filling out a lengthy application. From there SAMS may invite you to a discernment conference. All SAMS missionaries must undergo several interviews including a psychological evaluation and theological evaluation. After approval of your application, you become a SAMS candidate. Candidates are in the process of raising support and receiving individualized training. After support is raised a candidate becomes a missionary and language and cultural training begins. Language training can take up to a year and then a missionary begins ministry.

Q: What if I am not sure that God is calling me?

Pray! SAMS is here to help you discern, but prayer is the key! Learn more about SAMS short-term opportunities.

For more information about long-term missionary service contact Associate Director.