Opening for Vicar at All Saints Anglican Church Jakarta

Opening for Vicar at All Saints Anglican Church Jakarta

All Saints Anglican Church Jakarta would like to welcome a new Vicar and/or Associate Minister to their team. They are a vibrant evangelical church, planted in 1819, serving the English speaking Christian community of Jakarta, Indonesia. Their ± 300 members come from different countries, cultures, and denominations, yet together they serve Christ and each other by “knowing and making known the love of Jesus”.

Key responsibilities:

  • To lead and pastor one of the two Church centers and the congregations who meet there.
  • To work as part of a Ministry Team (and for the Vicar, to lead this team)
  • To disciple the church members and evangelize other English-speakers in Jakarta
  • To further develop their small group ministry
  • To strengthen witness in the English language schools and this community
  • For the Vicar, to lead the church in the further development of the church land


Essential qualities:

  • Strong English (first language) speaker and must be an ordained Anglican Priest
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Extensive Leadership and pastoral experience, cross-cultural and multi-denominational skills
  • Willingness to come to Indonesia through a mission agency such as SAMS (USA or Canada), CMS (Australia, New Zealand or the UK), Crosslinks (UK).



Send CV and letter of application.


Rev. Alan Wood (Vicar)


More information:


Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

I am not quite ready to move on from the Thanksgiving holiday yet!  There is too much to be thankful for.   I am grateful that Denise from SAMS made her way to Jakarta last month to visit our family.  Living half way around the world from “home”, a familiar face and encouraging words are very precious indeed.  I was happy to introduce her to Hope Special Needs School, an institution very near and dear to my heart.  Ibu Lingkan, the school’s founder, asks, “Who will tell them God loves them, if we don’t do it?”  I am so thankful for her servant’s heart.  Please watch this short clip of the children singing at their Thanksgiving Service and be inspired to carry on this holiday season with an attitude of gratitude!

Farsi in the Far Seas

Farsi in the Far Seas

Providence Anglican Church is a multi-national fellowship in Jakarta.  God has seen fit to add to our small group people from America, Australia, China, Korea, Indonesia, Iran, and  the Philippines.  How beautiful that on any given Sunday, the sermon or scripture reading might be translated into one of the languages spoken by our members.  One particular Sunday, something really special happened.  Our American-Malaysian co-worker, Sandy, helped our Iranian believers lead the congregational singing in Farsi.  All of the songs were familiar, but with lyrics in the Farsi language.  Sandy must have practiced night and day to master this in a tongue so foreign.  Our hearts and voices lifted as one as we cried out “How Great is Our God!”  Pedar rahim bar ma, Masih monjiye ma, Setaim namatra, Setaim namatra.  The Godhead Three in One, Father, Spirit, Son, The Lion and the Lamb, The Lion and the Lamb.

I can’t say we expected to worship in Farsi when we first journeyed to the far seas to minister in Indonesia.  How thankful we are that God always exceeds our expectations.  Truly, how great is our God!

“None But Jesus Can Do Helpless Sinners Good.”

“None But Jesus Can Do Helpless Sinners Good.”

“None but Jesus can do helpless sinners good”  is such a simple yet profound statement found in the hymn, “Come Ye Sinners Poor and Needy.”  Listen now to the song in it’s entirety:

We sang these lyrics as a church family, coming together to witness and celebrate our sweet sister’s baptism.  As the picture proves, there could not have been a more beautiful spot for this joyous service!  To add to this, we were honored to host the Archbishop of Melbourne (Primate of Australia) along with his lovely wife, Joy, and their associates for this special occasion.  His message encouraged us and the fellowship of believers from around the globe gladdened our hearts.

Made in Indonesia

Made in Indonesia

The kids and I are back in Jakarta and finally starting to feel the effects of jet lag wearing off!  What a blessing to be once again in the midst of our PAC family (Providence Anglican Church.)  Jim was busy setting up the Lord’s Table with an array of beautiful furnishings provided by St. Andrew’s Anglican Church in Phoenix, AZ  and the International Anglican Fellowship.  What a remarkable visual picture it created in our humble rental space!  Upon unwrapping the wooden stand for the display of the Bible, Jim discovered a sticker on the bottom that read, “Made in Indonesia.”  Can you imagine this stand, made by native hands here, exported across the vast ocean with years of service in America, then carried all the way back to our little church in Jakarta?   We all had a good chuckle and yet this served as a reminder that God is truly at work, connecting believers around the globe.  What an encouragement to us.  “He’s got the whole world in His hands!”