Providence Anglican Church is a multi-national fellowship in Jakarta.  God has seen fit to add to our small group people from America, Australia, China, Korea, Indonesia, Iran, and  the Philippines.  How beautiful that on any given Sunday, the sermon or scripture reading might be translated into one of the languages spoken by our members.  One particular Sunday, something really special happened.  Our American-Malaysian co-worker, Sandy, helped our Iranian believers lead the congregational singing in Farsi.  All of the songs were familiar, but with lyrics in the Farsi language.  Sandy must have practiced night and day to master this in a tongue so foreign.  Our hearts and voices lifted as one as we cried out “How Great is Our God!”  Pedar rahim bar ma, Masih monjiye ma, Setaim namatra, Setaim namatra.  The Godhead Three in One, Father, Spirit, Son, The Lion and the Lamb, The Lion and the Lamb.

I can’t say we expected to worship in Farsi when we first journeyed to the far seas to minister in Indonesia.  How thankful we are that God always exceeds our expectations.  Truly, how great is our God!