School Campaign – TextBooks and Supplies for Uyoma

In June, it was our joy to visit Uyoma Primary School in Western Kenya. The nearly 500 students welcomed us with eager smiles and had a blast playing games with Josh. We’ve been engaged in a campaign to provide textbooks and other resources to under-equipped rural schools and Uyoma is our first key partner. Some of the youth we work with in Nairobi have gotten very involved in this mission and we are excited to see how it continues to develop.

Thanks to generous contributions from friends in honor of Michael C. Normile, we were able to deliver 150 textbooks as well as a fourth month supply of sanitary towels. We are hoping to continue to raise funds towards this campaign and eventually establish a library at Uyoma. Check out a short video from our visit to Uyoma below:

Uyoma Primary Visit from iHope Photography on Vimeo.

Donations to the school supply fund can be made to SAMS. Just select the box for

Our Traditional Wedding Ceremony

I’ve visited the homestead of my wife’s father before, but this time it was official. In Dholuo culture, marrying a daughter of the boma is finalized through an official gathering at the father’s home, where relatives host a wedding feast and receive gifts and bride price from the groom. My first delegation traveled to Alego Kaluo in 2009. However, the husband of a younger daughter may not officially visit the father’s home until his elder brother (the husband of the first daughter) has first presented himself. So after, 5 years of marriage, I finally had the privilege of traveling to Kaluo to solmenize our marriage through traditional wedding.
 Dave accompanied by his two representatives: Rev. Francis and Rev. Peter.
Uncles of Lucy share a hearty meal of brown Ugali (millet), roasted goat, and traditional chicken during the wedding celebrations.

Aunties present a gift to their special visitors.
This is the house where we planned to stay (on a new ministry property in Siaya), but due to heavy rains we quickly made other arrangements.
Josh and Paul prefer the Mwalimu Guesthouse in Siaya.

Inspiring Hope Group Launch

Earlier this month we held the official launch for Inspiring Hope Group (IHG), a fellowship, savings, and business development group for youth in Kenya.

Nearly one hundred parents, friends, and partners joined us for the event at ACK Christ Church in Westlands.

IHG currently has 22 members and runs two businesses: iHope Farms and iHope Photography (

 Words of encouragement from local clergy during the IHG Launch.
Group members during a meeting at the Chaves family’s flat.
Our Farm Manager, Benjamin inspects onion seedlings being prepared for transplantation at the project site in Bungoma, western Kenya.

Graduation Day

Congratulations to Lucy!

Graduating from St. Paul’s University Divinity School with first class honours. Photos from the campus and ceremony in Limuru, Kenya: