If you’re expecting a rhythmic tune that will get the Sound of Music stuck in your head, sorry to disappoint. Just wanting to take the time to delight in the things that make me happy these days.
I really love getting to coach others who are trying to learn a new language and culture.  I have added a learner, very informally, a friend who’s moved to France within the past year, via text!  (Gotta keep up with the times, ha ha).  It’s special to get to “coach” someone in a country and for a language that I do know and can actually relate firsthand to what it was like to go through the language/culture learning process!  
On the other hand, it’s humbling and an honor to coach those who are serving in a place I’ve never been (Rwanda) and have only visited (Thailand).  I’m so grateful to be gaining more resources that I can share with these learners and only wish I had more time to study and research!  
On a selfish note, it’s also fun to learn things through them.  This week, for example, I learned that Thai people almost never express their emotions, so much so that my friend who’s lived there for 7 years has never seen someone raise their voice or get angry–ever! I also learned that in Rwanda, people buy phone cards to…pay for their electricity.   Oh man, I just can’t help but admire those who up and move to new places with new customs.  To get to come alongside them is definitely a favorite thing!
Then–jump with me to the chocolate shop–imagine getting thanked and gushed at for simply handing someone a delicacy that you did nothing to make and can take no credit for whatsoever (though I did get to help make mendiants one day, but still won’t take credit as I just added the toppings to the melted chocolate, ha ha–but so fun!).  This happens regularly  and is a perk of working at a fine patisserie/chocolatier.
Another favorite is not something that I get to do on a regular basis, but has become a regular event every three years since 2016: New Wineskins!  I hope to see you there, but heads up that if you can’t make it, they are offering live-stream!  
I have a whole new appreciation for all that’s involved in this endeavor after being behind the scenes in the A/V booth the past several months.  That, too, has brought joy when I hear of people–some very dear to me–who haven’t been able to physically attend a service or event but are able to still join and even somehow feel connected.  Yes, I’ll add that to the list as one of my favorite things!  What are some of your favorite things?