Last week was an exciting week as I launched into coaching!  This calls for a huge thank you for those who have prayed for this as I’ve had several answered prayers that allowed for me to start sooner than I expected.

My first learner is a dear friend and coach herself, who is an intermediate Thai learner.  Even though she could coach herself, she values the role of a coach and is game to take the role of a coachee.  As thrilled as I am to coach her and am learning so much already, I needed a beginner level learner for the coursework.  I’m thrilled to write that the Lord provided a couple going to Rwanda this August!  We met last Wednesday, and they’d like to begin hopefully in August, depending on their leave date.  In the meantime, my instructor/mentor gave me a case study to work on, and we met last Thursday to talk about it.  It went really well!  

I’ve been memorizing Psalm 20, and verse 4 states “May He grant you your heart’s desire and fulfill all your plans!” Just to be clear, I don’t believe this guarantees us getting whatever we want in life; but I did feel like each session I prepared for and each person I met with last week was playing out Psalm 20 in my life.  Please pray that I will continue to seek the Lord first and have His desires and be mindful of His plans.  I pray that for you too!

Okay, now I’m off to the chocolate shop for my first day on the job.  Stay tuned… 🙂