Since I last wrote, things have been busy!  To calm the suspense, I did get a car. :). I also unexpectedly joined St. Michael’s staff to help assist with the livestream, right in time for Christmas.  Talk about a major learning curve!  There’s still so much to learn, but we now have an A/V team, yay! I’m making progress and have enjoyed getting to serve the Church in a very different capacity than I have in the past.

As mentioned last post, I taught French at an elementary school this past year. Something that was reiterated this year is that I cannot pursue coaching while I teach. Teaching takes so much time and energy; and the coaching got put on the back burner. As it turned out, the coaching course I mentioned in a previous post wasn’t ready for winter/spring; so I’ve enrolled for the summer. In case it isn’t obvious, I did not renew my teaching contract for next year.

With the long-term goal of officially moving into the language/culture coaching role and resuming missionary status, I decided to make a few lifestyle changes to help set me up for the transition.  First, the Lord provided a roommate and apartment to help reduce living costs.  Second, He provided a second part-time job so that I don’t have to teach, but will allow me time and energy to devote to the coaching coursework and coaching.

That’s where the chocolate comes in.  Starting July, I will be working at my favorite local French chocolate shop and patissier.  If you’re in Charleston, come see me!  I don’t get free chocolate, but would love to see you!  I’m excited and looking forward to this new season, though there are still many unknowns.  I would appreciate prayers both for SAMS and me as we discern possibilities–whether internally or elsewhere–for me to coach in the future.