Missionary Bridger Patrick Lutalo recently wrapped up the first project of his ministry Teach Men to Fish. The ministry equips young people of Uganda with marketable skills along with discipleship in the Gospel. Patrick led youth apprentices in constructing a maternity facility for the community. You can read Patrick’s March 2022 report, which shares how many women and children have already been blessed by the maternity facility, here.

The official dedication ceremony took place on December 20, 2021.  Patrick reported to his senders: 

Today was the official dedication before God of our maternity facility project at Naama Health Center 111 in Mityana. We started off with spiritual mentoring from the Rev. Emmanuel Luka of St. Andrew’s Cathedral at Namukozi. He is the youth coordinator in the diocese. He is so young at heart and shared his childhood experiences, which resonated with the apprentices. He urged us all in the importance of doing what we can for one another for the glory of God. Rev. Emmanuel Lukabwe attended Trinity School for Ministry in Ambridge, Pennsylvania, and he is familiar with SAMS. This created a special spiritual bond for us. We are making plans for the continued spiritual mentoring of our apprentices.