Hello. It’s been a while!  I know that many of you have lots of questions about what’s going on. So have I. :). I’m finally at a place where I have something to share and can hopefully answer a few of your questions. Happy reading!

The main reason I’ve been so silent is that last year was a big blur and took a lot out of me.  I was in survival mode getting through the most brutal, intense year I’ve ever experienced.  I taught French at a new local high school.  Besides being new to the system and being at a new school, we were required to teach hybrid–online and in-person at the same time–the entire year, going fully virtual for a week in the spring.

If I’d had the time or energy, I could’ve shared some stories!  But fast forward to this year where I’m now teaching French at a local elementary school just a mile away from the high school.  I could also share stories, ha.  But what most people are wondering, if not asking, is what are my plans regarding missions.

So, I’ll attempt to share a bit more of my thoughts and potential plans–if the Lord wills. I think we all take that verse in James a bit more seriously now! When the doors closed for me to go to SE Asia in 2020, I had the question in my mind if the “closed doors” included language/culture coaching or not.  

I’ll have to write another blog to describe what a language/culture coach is, but this role was the long-term goal for me if I had gone to SE Asia.  As I’ve prayed and asked some supporters (I have some who continue to give monthly even though I’ve had no plan to go!) to pray with me about this, they have consistently encouraged me to pursue coaching.  I believe my own increased desire is also affirmation from the Lord.

In my mind, even though the “where” has been removed from my assignment, the “what” hasn’t changed.  As I shared in my update, I believe that serving as a language/culture coach is the ministry role I am to be involved in wherever I am in the world.  I know of other LCC’s who raise support as missionaries who live in the US and others who live abroad.  I’m not sure at the moment if I will go abroad; but I must be faithful to take the next steps of becoming a coach. My hope is to be able to serve those who are on the field.

A few weeks ago, I was questioning this and decided to reach out to another language/culture coach I’d spoken with in May 2020.  I knew that she was very experienced and had a platform in the field, but I was surprised as she shared a new business she and another lady have started to train new and existing language/culture coaches specifically for missionaries!  Some of the coursework includes a class I took in 2020.

I couldn’t believe it!  Could this be an answer to prayer and the missing piece and next step I’ve been needing?  I believe it is; and I’m very encouraged and excited to write that I’m planning to do it!  The details are up in the air, but I would very much value your prayers as to which session and to have the time/energy while I teach.  I also hope to network and get connected with coaches as well as those I will be coaching in the future.

That’s really all I can say for now, other than I am looking forward to the upcoming New Wineskins Conference in September. I highly recommend attending!

This is a long post, so I’ll stop there; but it’s good to “be back” on the blog.  Thank you so much for your interest, support, friendship, and prayers.  Thankful for you!