I’ve been sharing at different events, with some of you even, about unreached people groups.  A people group is simply a group of people with shared cultures, customs, and languages.  To give you an idea, “US American” is the largest people group in the United States. :). 

In SE Asia (I’m referring only to the 6 deaneries within the Diocese of Singapore: Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Indonesia), the smallest people group in any of these nations is 100 while the largest is over 200 million! 

Unreached people groups are populations who have little to no access to the Gospel.  They either have no resources including the Bible and/or few to no believers who can tell them the Good News.  Can you even imagine that?  It’s hard to when we live in a world that has an abundance of both.
What do we do with the fact that Jesus gave his followers one task before He left the earth (and before He returns)?  …To go and make disciples both at home (Jerusalem), with neighboring areas (Judea and Samaria), and abroad (the ends of the earth). [Acts 1:8]. 
In my opinion, a good first step is informing ourselves.  A good second step is praying for these people.  So, I’d like to share some resources with you to do just that!  If you’re someone who likes analytical data, the Joshua Project is for you.  If you like to get engaged, I’d like to recommend you participate in Radical Secret Church a week from today on Friday, April 24 (hopefully it’s not too late to register) who will focus their prayer time on the unreached church. 
Disclaimer: I normally don’t recommend things I’ve not participated in firsthand,
but I’ve been affirmed by some reputable voices that this is solid and worthwhile!
Please note that this event starts late and goes into the night, far past by bedtime, he he.  It’s intentional as many persecuted Christians do not have the freedom and opportunity to meet openly or frequently like we do.  
If you’re interested in participating with me, let me know!  It’s virtual, of course, and we’re all social distancing; but I signed up as a small group (but paid the individual price, which is what you would need to do I think) and can see about adding members to my group.  Blessings!