Speaking of encouragement and support, it can take on so many forms.  For example, a friend of my mom’s who participated in several of St. Michael’s GIC events kept telling me that she had a book that she wanted me to read.  She would lend it to me if I thought I had the time, and there was a list of others who would also like to read it.  I agreed and am so incredibly grateful that I did!  It’s called The Insanity of God by “Nik Ripken.”  
I try to regularly read missionary autobiographies.  Not only do they provide wisdom, experience, insight, and inspiration; they also address the challenges, hardships, and struggles.  Even more, the book of Revelation assures us that followers of Jesus overcome Satan by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony. (12:10).  When we share our stories with others, we are putting God’s Word into practice and doing just that: overcoming our accuser and adversary, the devil.
One nugget (of which there were many!) was the power of praise through song.  Maybe it stood out so much because we were also talking about this in the Bible Study I’m doing.  Then I noticed that the Psalm I read a couple of mornings ago was addressed to the “director of music” or “choirmaster” depending on the version.  How cool if you’re a worship leader for some of the Psalms to be addressed to your vocation!  
It’s also encouraging as next week’s security training approaches to be mentally preparing with a read like this that has hopefully toughened me up so that I don’t cave on Day 1 (prayers highly appreciated!).
It’s not an easy book to read, but it is incredibly powerful and inspiring and challenging in the best way possible.  It’s more than one man’s story, but a compilation of stories of our brothers and sisters throughout the world who have overcome and need our involvement and prayers.  In my own effort to encourage you, I highly recommend it and will link his website: https://www.nikripken.com.