Last week was St. Michael’s Global Impact Celebration Week where they hilight the call to mission for all followers of Jesus as well as their mission partners locally, along the east coast, and throughout the world.  I was asked to represent SAMS, which was such an honor.  
I have lots of history with St. Michael’s having attended their youth group way back when, volunteering in college for the youth, and having been introduced to healing prayer ministry through them.   My sister used to be a member before she moved, and my parents are current members.  I sat with St. Michael’s at both of the New Wineskins I attended!  Needless to say, it’s a place I feel very connected to still.
As we met together last Saturday to rehearse and prepare for the week+ ahead, I was not at my best.   It had been a very rough week, and I was not feeling strong or ready for the intense week that lay ahead.  So what delight I had upon reading the Word that the Lord offered me last Sunday morning before the long day’s events.  As I read each verse, identifying with David in the opposition and helplessness he faced, I found hope.   Each line was like receiving water in a dry land and food after a fast where each bite is savored.  
If it hadn’t been the Lord who was on my side, I too, would’ve been eaten alive!  And just like the bird who had escaped the snare of the fowler, I felt caught in the enemy’s trap, but was now being released by the mighty hand of God.  It wasn’t going to be easy.  I had extra responsibilities throughout the week in addition to GIC and was physically low on energy.  Each day would require faith in this Word and trust to walk it out, but how wonderful that we have a God who is able to give us His Word as a weapon against our spiritual enemies.  He did not disappoint.  What an amazing week it was!  For those who prayed, I am so, so thankful!  Our help is truly in the name of the Lord!