One of my most pressing goals as the New Year began was to set a leave date.  Not just so that I can answer everyone’s top question it seems, but to be able to plan and set other goals.  Just over a week ago, I was still hoping for April.  It wasn’t seeming very realistic, though.
Last Sunday (a week ago), one of the Scripture readings caught my attention: “When seventy years are completed for Babylon, I will visit you, and I will fulfill to you my promise and bring you back to this place.” (Jeremiah 29:10)  While the concept of God’s timing is nothing new and very often prayed about and acknowledged in my life, the Lord was hi lighting this to me.  I don’t really understand it all, but throughout Scripture, I can see how God sets appointed times that are completed when the set amount of time passes. 
It’s always good to allow the Word of God to speak into our minds as we are making choices.  I think that, along with some other counsel and circumstances, helped me to let go of April and consider July, which has been a second target.  (As soon as I set July, there’s now a possibility of it being August, depending on a decision about another training…).
Then yesterday, the Old Testament lesson’s reading in Genesis 18:14 was on this same concept: “At the appointed time I will return to you, about this time next year, and Sarah shall have a son.”  Okay, yes, Lord.  You have my attention regarding timing and that You have a set time.  May I not push or drag, but be in tune.  It’s always been my prayer, but I’m needing to pray this not just for a leave date, but for all of the things on my agenda.
Speaking of my agenda, there’s a lot going on!  I have a very full week next week at a missions conference where I’ll represent SAMS and share about what I do.  There are all kinds of events, tours, meetings, meals, and a banquet in addition to the services.  I’ve also been asked to speak at the women’s luncheon.  
I’m also thankful to be planning a few local events in February and March to get to share with friends and those interested in knowing more about SAMS or what I’m doing.  As time ticks without as much progress as I’m comfortable with, I confess the idea of God’s timing seems like a nice thing to talk about, but harder to submit to.
But submission would do me well and is clearly a message to me as this morning’s Bible Study “three-peated” the theme of God as the One who decides timing on matters!  I read, “After David was anointed by Samuel to take Saul’s place, he humbly served and waited until God’s appointed time to be recognized as king.” (Joanne Ellison’s Following the Call-Leading Courageously). 
Wow.  So, you can pray for me to not just be sensitive to, but submissive to God’s timing in all matters including a leave date, planning events, and really every area of life.  Please pray, too, for the days ahead as they will be long and busy.  Thank you!