Speaking of waiting, so sorry for the long delay in writing.  I went to SE Asia and was incredibly busy without secure Internet, so chose not to write.  In fact, I will most likely end this blog, but figured I could and should still use it to communicate for now, so I’m back. 🙂
I’m limited with what I can share and will use this to very briefly catch you up.  The trip was very good, helpful, and informative.  I suppose it’s appropriate that Advent began yesterday as I’m very much in a season of waiting.  Waiting on details, waiting on timelines, waiting to go!
I’m reminded that Advent is a time not just to wait with boredom, passivity, distraction, or impatience, but with purpose and preparation.  I’m grateful for a book I recently purchased at the recommendation of the New Wineskins’ workshop speaker: Henri Nouwen’s A Spirituality of Fundraising.  Raising support (aka finding ministry partners) is also the season that I’m in.  Going through this book is part of my personal preparation to work on my heart and mind during the waiting while transforming me in the process!  I really like his insights, approach, and example of prioritizing loving people over the task (not just of fundraising, but of ministry).  That’s a way that you can pray for me. :).  
May all of us guard against the distractions and plain busy-ness of the world’s view of Christmas and embrace the sweetness that comes with bringing our unfulfilled desires to the One who will fulfill them with eternity in mind, the One who is the Beginning and the End.  We wait for more than a day on the yearly calendar, but a day unknown to our calendars when our Lord will return and satisfy our longings with Himself.  Happy Advent, y’all!