…is one of my favorite things!  A large part of it is being with so many other like-minded, missions-minded people for the very purpose of informing, exhorting, and encouraging each other in God’s Great Commission to make Him known, but also fellowshipping and worshiping the God we serve.  In the words of one of my pastors I ran into the first night, “these are your people.”  These words echoed my own thoughts hours before “these are my people.”  Like I wrote in my last post, at New Wineskins, I get to be normal for a few days. 🙂
It’s like a huge family reunion with divine appointments everywhere you turn.  I admit it was exhausting for me, but the joy is more overwhelming than the stress of over-stimulation.  

It was so special to spend time with St. Michael’s group (I don’t have that group photo) and
 to meet  some old and new faces from St. Andrew’s (group shot above).

I’m so grateful for all I was able to meet, including a few from or living in SE Asia.  While I was still serving with EE, I was completely focused on my responsibilities, committed to finishing well.  I didn’t have time to really think much about what’s ahead.  This was a perfect opportunity to start opening my mind and heart more for the upcoming transition.
It was affirming to hear the need for more workers in this area.  Friday was committed to unreached people groups, and many focused on M*slims or Hind*s, but no one on B*ddhists.  It’s not to say that there aren’t people serving them.  I know some!  But there’s a real need.  This need was reiterated by one of the Anglican deans who asked for help.  While the Diocese of Singapore is doing an excellent job from what.I hear and know, they pointed out their tiny population in comparison to the nations they are responsible for.  I felt thankful that SAMS and another Anglican sending agency are actively promoting the needs there.
Hard to believe that I’ll be going in a little over a week!!!!  Just for the placement trip.  Thank you for praying with me to discern God’s leading about the position, location, and timing.  It will be good to be able to share more!