August 29, 2019
Many of the Africans remember me from last Congress because I spoke French to them. We always greet each other in French, which makes all of us happy. Yesterday when one of them asked how I was doing, I honestly answered “fatiguée.” He immediately used a metaphor to describe exactly how I feel.  
He said that all of us doing admin are like the legs of a table. As we serve the others, all the weight is put on us, and it holds whatever is on the table. That’s exactly how I felt and I’m sure all the others.  Just the day before, we were saying how heavy we felt, all the while smiling.  That’s something else I’m thankful for: good attitudes, smiles, and laughter. 😃  
I can say it was from the fatigue of relentless responsibilities coming nonstop.  I am immensely grateful for those praying for us and for the high fives, hugs, and words of appreciation we’ve gotten.  To keep the metaphor, those who do so strengthen our “legs” so that we are able to hold everything up.  A little affirmation and appreciation go a long way!!!