The Scriptures often speak out against gossip, or “talebearing” in some versions…especially when what is being said is malicious or untrue. The tongue, James tells us, although one of the smallest members of the body, can be extremely destructive. So spreading stories about others is frowned upon for good reason.

However, there are two forms of gossip that are commendable.

The first is when you gossip about Jesus. There is absolutely nothing negative you can say about someone who is perfect now, is there? And He is perfect…He came in the likeness of humanity and was like us in every respect, yet without sin. Gossiping about Jesus is a very positive thing to do as when others hear about Him and how wonderful and awesome He is, they want to get to know Him for themselves. The next step is then to simply introduce them to Him and let Him take it from there…

The second form of permissible gossip is when you gossip about missionaries and whatever it is the Lord has them doing in His vast harvest field. Now, unlike Jesus, missionaries are not prefect…sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, but we are fallen, broken human beings like everyone else. But…and here comes the good part…you can talk about what Jesus – the only one who is perfect in every way (unless you believe in Mary Poppins) – is doing in and through us! See? Then you are spreading good things…and, indirectly, Good News too!

So, Louise and I give you full permission to gossip about what Jesus is doing in and through us as much as you like. You see, when you gossip about us, you keep us alive in the hearts and minds of those we have left behind in the States…and you introduce us to new folks who may be interested to hear about the Lord’s work in southern Africa, but just don’t know anyone who works here.

So, go ahead…gossip about Jesus and about what He is doing in and through us all you like…you have our permission!