“I would like to contribute to your
ministry vehicle fund.” The older gentleman had just handed me a few dollar
notes. “I don’t think it’s more than ten dollars,” he added. “It is not much,
but I hope it will help.”
I felt tears welling up in my eyes. Perhaps
this is how Jesus felt when he watched the widow put her mites in the Temple
“Seed money,” his friend said. “The Lord
will multiply it until it is enough.”
Little did they know that that soon after
another man would add an extra US$15,000 to our vehicle fund…and the next day,
we would receive news that someone else had donated another US$7,500! And…would
you believe it…a few hours later we would receive yet more news of another
US$7,500! Seed money indeed! We now have enough to purchase a suitable ministry
God is faithful…and this is His kingdom (see
Matthew 6:33).
This has been a whirlwind trip. We have
travelled many miles and spoken many times in various places in the South
Eastern United States. Thankfully, we also got to meet two new grandchildren,
one from each family, and we attended the youngest one’s baptism. We visited
with many good old friends and made many new ones. It was hard to say goodbye!
But we have been renewed and refreshed in
so many ways. We were blessed by amazing sermons and talks, Bible studies,
prayers, and spoiled rotten by many. We took long lovely walks along the beach
at St Christopher’s Camp and Conference Centre in between meetings, praying
about so many things and for so many people and praising God for His greatness
and goodness and mercy and love.
It is hard to believe that two months ago,
we were in dire straits, not knowing if we would have enough financial support
to stay in the mission field. While we have lost a few faithful partners over
time, we have gained new ones over the past few weeks. We have also gained more
prayer warriors…and we are truly grateful for each and every one! Because of
you, we can do what we do…without you…no, I don’t even want to think about
that. We are a team…together we are witnesses to Jesus to the ends of the
Louise and I are all anticipation as we
return to South Africa this Wednesday! Our layover in London is about 9 hours,
and we are planning to meet up with our French “son” and his lovely wife for
lunch. Because of this long layover, we will only arrive in Cape Town on Friday
morning, and thankfully we will have the whole weekend to recover. When we have
received all the funds for the vehicle we will begin looking for something
suitable immediately as we have plans to go to Namibia in June.
But first things first…we are scheduled to
train in Kwa-Zulu Natal the weekend after next together with the Rev Trevor
Pearce, the Growing the Church Director. He will be training us in teaching
Rooted in Jesus by letting us train others with him…in service training, so to
speak. We will also be training trainers in Strategy.
We are truly grateful for all our partners
in ministry. As I said, you are part of a team that works together to build our
Lord’s Church. This ministry would not continue without every one playing their
Nine dollars does not sound much, but the
Lord never looks at the amount…He looks at the heart…and He is still in the
multiplying business!
Thank you for your prayers and your support
and your love and your encouragement. We give thanks to the Lord for every one
and we pray only His very best blessings on each one. He knows your heart and
your needs and He loves you with a love that simply cannot be measured or fully
I have been meditating on and praying
through a prayer of David’s for weeks now and will continue to do so in the
future. I encourage each one of you to do the same. 1 Chronicles 29:10-20.
If you would like to write to us in South
Africa, here is our new address:
6 Van Eeden Crescent
Villiersdorp, 6848
South Africa
If you would like to call, our cell number
will be 00 27 72 958 5845.
Love, hugs, and blessings.
Johann and Louise