Creator and Almighty God
All good gifts come from you;
Life and breath and happiness
Each step we take anew.
You guide and you advance our way
As we walk hand in hand
With you throughout each day and night
‘Tis you who make us stand.

Provider of both great and small
Sustaining by your Word
Each aspect of creation,
Each creature and each bird.
Our senses of both sight and touch,
Of taste, of smell, of sound,
All beauty and all loveliness
Alone in you are found.

All comfort and all holiness
All grace and mercy we
Receive each morning from your hand;
Each day with constancy.
Reveal your glory – shine your light –
So we may freely see
Our need of grace – our need of faith –
To serve you willingly.

O Shepherd of the flock of Christ
Tend to your feeble sheep;
Take us to pastures lush and green,
To waters still and deep,
The valley we have entered in
Is dark and reeks of death;
Remove all trace of fear and doubt,
Revive us with your Breath.

O fix our eyes on things above
And not on things below
A beatific vision grant
Us all – and make us know
You as you are as reigning king –
Perspective give us Lord –
So we might know your will alone
Is done here and abroad.

Benevolent you are and good
And wise and merciful
All righteousness, all majesty
Resides within you still.
The tempter comes to steal and kill
And seeds of doubt to sow
But we see Jesus’s victory
O’er enemy and foe.

And so we redirect our gaze
From darkness unto light
And know within our deepest heart
That you have won the fight.
And by your Spirit, Lord, we plead
Gift us a single mind
That in the midst of hell itself
Our peace in you we’ll find.

Johann van der Bijl © 2016-04-25

Posted by Johann Vanderbijl at 6:52 PM