The LEAD Program consists of four modules,
namely Strategy which explores the method Jesus used to make disciples,
Foundations which identifies six key priorities for disciple-makers based on
Jesus own ministry priorities, Vision which focuses on helping leaders define
their calling, grow in godly character traits and develop their own unique
competencies as leaders, and lastly Multiplication which identifies different
stages of Jesus’ ministry and examines how He grew an effective movement of
disciple making which changed the world.

So far, we have only taught the first
module…until now!
We were thrilled to be invited back to the Diocese
of Johannesburg to teach those who had previously gone through the Strategy training
all about the six key priorities outlined in Foundations. It was good to meet
up again with some of our old trainees, but also to meet a few new folk who
were trained by them! The whole idea of LEAD is to train those who will then
train others…and we are seeing a few of the Dioceses doing this…one of which is
the Diocese of Johannesburg.

There were 25 individuals present, although
a few either did not make the first day or the second day due to prior
commitments. That is always difficult when working with such active clergy and



While one does not look for a pat on the back,
it is always good to have some form of feedback. This is what we received from
one participant:
“It was fantastic to have you guys with us!
You are very special people and fun to be with. Thank you for your teaching and
love for everyone up here. The training was superb! Well done for your first
Please pray for our brethren in the Diocese
of Johannesburg…they have a huge task and much opposition.