This past hurricane season was a rough one throughout the Caribbean as I’m sure you’ve heard.  Hurricane Maria is the one who inflicted the most damage to the Dominican Republic, but thankfully we didn’t have the significant damage that many of the other islands suffered.  Thankfully God moved hearts to make gifts to improve housing this past year and we’ve assisted 9 families so far to improve their living circumstances.  The projects have ranged from minor repairs, to partial or complete new roofs and even a new home.  Jan has a new home now, pictured here with before and after shots.  He invited a neighboring family to shelter with him during the storms that hit this fall, as they await their turn for assistance.  There are many families still living in leaky and insecure structures needing assistance.  Should you feel drawn to help with this project, please send a check to SAMS with “Donahoe Project” in the memo line and 100% of your gift will go towards improving housing for people in need in my community.  Please pray for discernment in which families to help and to what extent.

At the university this year, I have had a total of 9 classes with about 180 students.  Most of the classes have been in the neurology tract and have been a mix of the old and new curriculum students.  We are 3 years into the new curriculum and there are notable improvements with the students’ understanding and abilities.  God has continued to shape my teaching style, to which many students seem to respond well.  Please pray for wisdom with my teaching.

I am very grateful for your support and that God has given me the opportunity to be a part of these ministries.

May you have a very Merry Christmas and may God fill your 2018 with amazing blessings!

                                                                                      In Christ,