Today we flew from Cape Town to Lanseria, a smaller, and therefore easily navigable airport close to Johannesburg. From there we drove a rental car to Mozambique…quite a drive, but the landscape is so absolutely stunning that even the four stop and go roadblocks did not phase us.

We had been told all sorts of horror stories about the border crossing, from people waiting in line for 16 hours to people having to pay $500 bribes to get through, and so we were well prepared and well armed. Well prepared in that we had done our homework…we had everything we needed in the car from reflective triangles to reflective vests and ZA stickers for the back of the car. Well armed in that we had asked many to pray for us…and we prayed especially for the Lord’s angels to go before us and to prepare the way.

The crossing on the South African side was confusing, but not a big deal. However, as we crossed over to Mozambique we were swarmed by people all offering to help us through for a price, of course. But as this just started happening, a car came up from behind and drove up next to us indicating that we follow him…which we did. The would be helpers begun to curse and swear at him. Who was he and wha did he think he was doing…robbing them of the joy of robbing these foreigners?

João turned out to be an angel in human form. Not only did he speak the language, but he grew up here and knew every detail of what we need to do. He went out of his way to help us get our visas and car papers and even called the Bishop to ask for directions to where we are staying tonight.

But then…wait for this…he actually took us there, driving in front of us all the way from the border into downtown Maputo…and he paid our Toll fees as well.

Coincidence? I think not. He had gone to South African for a medical check-up and was on his way home when he saw us being swamped…and he stepped in to help.

Hmm…isn’t that what disciple-making Jesus style is all about?