Yesterday, something Bill Hybels said in a talk at the Global Leadership Summit took me back to my childhood.

I wasn’t a model child. My brother always said something went wrong when I started High School and got hooked up with the wrong crowd, but I think they just brought out what was deep down inside of me anyway. My behaviour was far from exemplary…and yes, I got progressively worse after going to High School, but maybe that had to do with finally understanding a lot of things that had already happened in my past. The anger that erupted somewhere between 7th and 8th grade was there all the time…bubbling, steaming, hissing…and when it all came to the surface, it wasn’t pretty. No one wanted to be around me…and I don’t blame them…I didn’t want to be round myself…I didn’t like myself one bit and it showed. I made people uncomfortable…

But there was someone who never gave up on me regardless of how irrational my behaviour became. She didn’t have to stick around, she just did because she’s just that kind of girl…she was loyal to a fault, blunt at times, but always honest and trustworthy. She never ratted on me or gossiped about me even when she could have won “cool” points with others who did. And when the Lord Jesus came into her life, she would not take no for an answer…she bugged me until I agreed to go with her to a Youth For Christ Crusade.

Georine knew me when I was at my worst. She knew everything single dirty secret of mine, every single private sin as well as every public sin I had committed…but she saw something in me no one else did…she saw something in me I didn’t see. And I owe her my life…so this short blog is to say ‘thank you’ to a person who is the embodiment of the God of Scripture…the one whose love never fails, never gives up, and never runs out on me (1).

She didn’t have to, but she did because she’s just that kind of girl…

Thanks Gerry…I will always be eternally grateful for your love and friendship.

(1) Songwriters: Brian Johnson / Christa Black / Jeremy Riddle
One Thing Remains lyrics © Music Services, Inc