Louise and I will be flying up to Johannesburg and then driving to Maputo, Mozambique, next week, 24 to 29 October. From Maputo, we will be driving up to Maciene in the northern region of the Southern Diocese of Lebombo. Apparently, it takes several hours to get there.

We are asking for prayer on a number of levels.
1. That we will be a blessing to everyone we encounter, from the moment we enter then country the moment we leave.
2. That our disciple-making training will be understood. We are using an interpreter who is well versed in our training material, but we are still asking the Holy Spirit to prepare the hearts and minds of those who will be trained so that they might understand on a deeper level than merely the mind. 
3. That we will be protected from all harm, whether physical or spiritual or emotional. The drive is long and the roads are not always the best. Also, Mozambique is just emerging from a long and bloody civil war. There are many who are not completely satisfied with the current situation. Also, on a spiritual level, apparently demonic possession has increased since the war…these spirits, called gamba, are identified by some as dead soldiers, and overwhelmingly possess women. Wherever we go, we plead the blood of Jesus over the area and those living there as so much blood has been spilled in southern Africa as a whole, but this is something different from what we have experienced up until now.
4. That we will not be harassed by people seeking bribes…either at the border or anywhere else. This often happens in places where “officials” are not paid well. 
5. For health…against malaria (not really the time, but we pray against that odd mosquito), and any other illnesses. We are up to date on all our vaccines, but contaminated food and water can cause all sorts of problems.
Thank you for praying with and for us…thank you for holding the rope as we descend into this dark, but spiritual gem-filled mine.
Many blessings.
Johann and Louise