I hate disappointing people. Really…I am am such a people pleaser it just isn’t funny. But I have to tell you all that nothing out of the ordinary happened to us today. We woke up, did all the sorts of things we do normally, got into the Diocesan vehicle (which behaved itself nicely this time – no alarms and no stalling), and got to the church on time to meet all the new comers and chat to the old timers.There are ten people in the second group…larger than we anticipated…a good problem, I think. Up until now, Johannesburg Diocese was the flag ship of the LEAD program in the Province. After this weekend, I think Christ the King will be right up there with them. We first met with both groups and prayed with them together in the sanctuary. Then we split up, Louise continuing with Group One while I took Group Two down into the bowels of the church building – the dungeon as I called it, but in reality it is were the Sunday School classes meet and it is very comfortable and bright.

Our GtC Faculty returned with two more. Now we have our trusty and faithful Thokozani, Paul our Johannesburg coordinator, and Peter and Tsepo from Pimville (Soweto) who have just rolled out the LEAD program in their church with thirty people (!).

The Second Group is mostly made up of laity…Sunday School teachers and other lay leaders mostly. One is a Physiologist, another is a medical doctor…it is a very interesting group and they are all ever so engaged!


It is interesting to see their reactions as the teaching goes on…especially when we begin to speak about the four categories of people in the disciple making process: Lost Luke, Believer, Bob, Worker Wendy, and Disciple Maker Daniel. The penny usually drops with the study on the life of Peter…the impetuous Rock Star turned “failure” turned surrendered servant. That is yet to come for the second group…but the lights went on for the first group today: Without Jesus we cannot be disciple makers…regardless of how gifted we may be. We need to walk with Him in step with the Spirit if we are to reach the lost, build the believers, equip the workers, and mobilise the disciple makers.

We said goodbye to our first group today.

Louise and I are tired as we usually are on the second evening…tomorrow I will preach on the life of Peter and tell the church folks all about what they missed. Then on to the last few classes…we are on the homestretch.