Today was a driving day…that’s basically all we did all day. We left East London at 7:30, admittedly a little later than we had planned, but both of us were…actually are…tired. We had no meetings and, other than Louise calling Mother’s Union and AWF leaders to remind them of a breakfast on July 15 when we will introduce the LEAD material to them, we did not really do any work type stuff.

Unfortunately, the CD player and radio in the car has a rather bad stutter…so we couldn’t listen to music. We talked a lot…about our children and grandchildren…about our ministry…about the Lord…we spoke to the Lord a lot too.

And we did not take a single photograph. We enjoyed the scenery…this really is one of the most beautiful parts of the world…we saw quite a few wild animals…we enjoyed lunch at a Greek Restaurant a stone’s throw away from the beach at Jeffrey’s Bay…and we enjoyed meeting Keith and Pam Berning, our hosts for tonight and tomorrow night in Plettenberg Bay.

We spoke to Pam at length about the LEAD program, we spoke about prayer, healing of memories (desperately needed in southern Africa!), we spoke about the churches in the area and their struggles, and oh so many other things.

We are about to enjoy a lovely dinner Keith has prepared for us, so if I don’t have anything more to say, I will not return to this blog until tomorrow.