We are now home and working on overcoming our considerable jet lag.  Because our last few days in Thailand were very busy, I didn’t complete all that I wanted to share so will post a couple more times.

While in Thailand, we attended the Lat Krabang Anglican Church pictured below.  The church had been meeting in a building across the street until the new building was begun a few months ago.  You may think it doesn’t look much like a church.  That is because this building is the first in what will be a group of buildings including a bigger church building and a school.  This building will be the welcome center with a coffee shop and fellowship area.  But for now, it will serve as the church.

thai4 101

How the church looked when we first arrived

thai4 113

The workers  lived in these little makeshift “houses” behind while the church was being constructed.  There were women as well as men and one woman had a little boy who followed her about as she worked.  You can see the size of the compound which will eventually hold the additional buildings.


No shovels were in evidence.  This hand-held scoop was used instead.

thai3 082

thai3 055thai3 037


Fr. Lee preaches in English with translator for Thais




Lunch and fellowship after church 


lastmonday 018


The big dedication celebration was  April 1 and we were happy, after watching all the construction taking place–even during our Sunday services–to have been here when the church was dedicated.  It was a big event with several bishops and other clergy attending from the Diocese of Singapore.

lastmonday 025

Bonnie helped as a hostess

lastmonday 037

Chuck was an usher

lastmonday 056

The Bishop knocks at the door

lastmonday 064

The choir sings


lastmonday 068


lastmonday 072

Fr. Andrew Yap in front is the rector of the church

lastmonday 074

Fr. Lee Mullins (our boss)

lastmonday 077

And food for everyone of course

tha-2 040

Fr. Lee, his wife, Pom, and baby Bella


Our good friend and helper, Serene Hsu, missionary from Singapore

We will always keep this church and all the people we met there in our prayers.

Sa Wat Dee Ka!