Thanks to folks who responded with support for this new housing project, we have begun helping families. Mae is a widower with serious health issues that prevents her from being able to work. While she has a daughter, who is a professional, that daughter has a family with 3 children to care for as well. Her daughter helps as much as possible with medicines, it never seems to be enough and the condition of Mae’s house has been out of reach for needed repairs. As you see in the picture, the wood supporting her roof was rotten in many places. Working together with a local man skilled in construction, she sought others to help with the labor and our housing committee purchased the new wood and other supplies needed to repair her roof. It is still possible to join in this project as there are many families with needs. If you feel called to donate to this specific project, please send a check made out to SAMS, with “Donahoe project” in the memo line. 100% of your donation will go to materials and labor to improve people’s living conditions which will positively impact their health as well. Please pray for this ministry to make wise decisions and right actions to best benefit our neighbors in need.

The PT clinic continues to be of service to the community. The months of December and January are typically slow months due to various holidays, but even so the PT area stayed steady. February has seen increasing numbers of treatments given per week with high levels of patient satisfaction. There is still much to be done as we try to negotiate with insurances to be providers which will help ensure the sustainability of the clinic and as we further promote the service now offered. Please pray that the clinic continues to serve with integrity and thus become self-sustaining.

May you always sense God’s loving guidance and comfort in your life!

In Christ,