Monday through Thursday from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.  we spend at the Cornerstone Student Center which is just across the street from our room.  We have three classes each day at 3, 5, and 7.  The students sign up based on the time they have available and we never know how many we are going to get for each class as sometimes they just walk in also.  Most of the time, we team-teach because we don’t have more than 5 students at a time.  If there were more, we’d use the additional classroom and split up or Serene, and sometimes Fr. Lee, might take one of the classes.

The students have been a joy to work with.  They are polite and have a desire to learn.  Most of the time they stay longer than the hour class talking or, in  the evenings,  playing board games which they enjoy very much.  This is fun for Chuck as he likes board games too.  Some do pretty well with English and others struggle a bit. I hope we are helping.  We have different students each day and teach the same lesson each day all week.  Sometimes they ask questions about the U.S. but not often.  Some have mentioned they watch “How I Met Your Mother” which they think is very funny.  We have never watched it.  We ask them a lot of questions about their lives to get them to talk and practice English.

Here are some pictures from the Center:

Cornerstone etc, 007

Nino and Ploy –they are going to the US to work this summer.

Cornerstone etc, 010

Pon, Chuck, Nino and Ploy play Settlers of Catan–Nino always wins this one

Cornerstone etc, 008

cornerstone3 004

Jade, Jay, Syne, Bonnie, Toon, Fon

coenerstone3 003

Pearl and Run

coenerstone3 004

Fr. Lee signs up some new students

coenerstone3 010

 Schop, Noy, Fon, and Drew lost this one to the Monopoly expert, Chuck

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