Sat Wat Dee Ka.

Although we eat out most of the time because we have no way to cook in our room, we do shop for snacks, fruit, etc. at the grocery.  There are many interesting choices but we tend to settle for the more familiar items.  On Sunday after church we went to a very large super market in a very large mall.  Take a look at grocery shopping in Bangkok.

tha-2 137

 At the entrance to this grocery story is a memorial to the king.  People stop to acknowledge the now deceased king.  The new king will be crowned next fall, one year after the old king passed away.  These memorials are common as are billboards with the king’s picture, calendars, and other pictures in restaurants and stores.  The Thai people love and honor their king and the royal family.

tha-2 151

Interesting new flavors of potato chips

tha-2 152

tha-2 132

tha-2 133

tha-2 134

tha-2 150

tha-2 154

Open displays of meat where you can select and bag your own. No DHEC here.

tha-2 157

1tha-2 143

Out in the mall—Krispy Kreme doughnuts!  We bought some for breakfast.

thai3 090

Chuck buys fruit from a street vendor.  It is what we have for breakfast most mornings.

thai 099

We’re not sure what these fruits are so have not bought any.

march2017 120

A street vendor is ready to make omelets 

march2017 118

More street food choices.

There is a big variety of food sold on the streets here.  We’ve been tasting.

Bye for now..