As I mentioned in my post last night, we spent a day in downtown Bangkok on Saturday.   Following are some pictures taken along the river and the canals.  We bought a tour in a colorful little boat for 1,600 baht ($48).  We probably badly overpaid but don’t really know when we are being taken advantage of.  We got to see very interesting sights along the canals–a very different way  of life.  We also stopped at a small floating market where food is sold from little boats.  I think my most salient impression of Thailand so far is how everyone is always eating.  In the malls, along the streets—everywhere, in fact, there are people cooking and people eating.  I would think that no one eats at home but the grocery store in the big mall is full of food.

thai4 360

thai4 362thai4 368thai4 389thai4 383

thai4 406

thai4 445

thai4 412thai4 425

thai4 409

Eels and little turtles?  No thanks.

thai4 435thai4 446

thai4 450

That’s it for today, Bonnie