march2017 128

Fr. Lee and Chuck outside our apartment building.

march2017 080

Our home away from home–very basic dorm room with bath and turquoise refrigerator–and very hard beds.

march2017 134

The street where we live

march2017 225

The power lines here fascinate me.  Everywhere they look like the above picture.  I wonder how Thai linemen deal with this when something goes wrong.

The second day we were here, Chuck and I took a walk in our neighborhood and came across this big temple complex.   There are MANY wats (temples) in Bangkok.  We have yet to see the famous ones downtown.  Yesterday we ventured downtown by ourselves. First, a cab to the airport.  Then the Air Link (elevated train) to downtown.  After that, a change to the Sky Train, changing trains once, and arriving at the Chao Phraya River where we took a boat tour, seeing the city from the river.  You will see the photos from that trip soon but, now that I can add pictures, I have some catching up to do.  It is still a very slow process to load each picture.  march2017 186march2017 160

march2017 183

More tomorrow,