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In Advent we continue to trust in the promises and purposes of God through Christ Jesus our Lord. We invite you to share with us at La Trinidad during this time of joyful preparation and service.  We ask you to remember a specific area of ministry with us each week of Advent, as well as on the specific dates in bold.

First week of Advent – Puntiti Church Plant

We give thanks to God for the ordination of Juan Cris to the diaconate in October! On Sunday, November 27th, we will have our first confirmations in the Puntiti Church Plant. Please pray this day for Camila, Paola, Raquel, Jeremias, Ramiro, Ariel, David and Marcos as theysay ¡Sí! to Jesus.

Please also pray this week for:

  • Deacon Juan Cris, Jahel, and their two daughters, Lucia and Valentina.
  • The families participating in Bible studies, especially those of Jahel, Amalia, Valentina, Pacifico, Marta, Nardi, Julian, Irene, Charo, Reyna, Marcos, Belen, Felipe, Margarita, and Silvia, asking God for healing for Silvia´s son, Boris.
  • A new house for the church plant, since our lease will end in February. Please pray for a home in the same area and price range which will allow for continued ministry and growth.

Second week of Advent – La Trinidad Outreach

We give thanks for the new additions to our ministry team, missionary intern Cara Ellen from Good Samaritan (Paoli, PA) and Sue from CMS England.

  • Please pray that we at La Trinidad will continue to use our gifts and serve in unity.
  • Please also pray  for the following events: Pedestrian Day outreach on Sunday, December 4th – that we can share Christ’s love with others by offering water, first-aid, bike repair and prayer on this day.
  • The youth and adults at La Trinidad have started playing soccer in the neighborhood park on Sunday afternoons.  Please pray that we build relationships with our community.
  • Pray this week for the team preparing for our Christmas Club workshops in La Trinidad and in Puntiti for the following week.

Third week of Advent – Children’s and Youth Ministry

Please continue to pray for our Sunday school ministry as we minister to the children at La Trinidad and reach out to neighborhood families. Specifically we ask for prayer for the following activities:

  • La Trinidad´s Christmas Club from December 12-22nd – that we can reach un-churched families from our neighborhood.
  • Our Christmas Project with children in Puntiti on December 17th.
  • Continue to pray for our youth ministry.  Pray for Natalí and Cara Ellen as they work with and disciple adolescents and for the fundraising for the January diocesan youth camp in Santa Cruz.  Also pray that the camp and the Sunday afternoon soccer games will revive the university-age youth ministry at La Trinidad.

Fourth week of Advent – Firestone Family

We are so encouraged to know that you are praying for us and for our ministry in Cochabamba.  During the holidays please ask for God`s blessing on our time together as a family, especially after a really busy month and as we look to decisions in the coming year.

  • Please pray for guidance as Thomas finishes up the college application process and decides where he will study.
  • Continue to ask for the Lord’s guidance for Tammy and her mom as they make decisions regarding her mom’s increasing life care needs.

Remember all SAMS missionaries who are far-away from their families for Christmas, especially Sue and Ellen at La Trinidad.

We also thank you and your congregations for your financial support this past year.  You are providing for our ministry and are part of God’s transforming the Anglican church in Cochabamba into a missionary congregation.   If you would still like to give this year or consider supporting us in 2017, please contact us or SAMS.