2016-10-10 00:00:00

We know that the church is not a specific building, but the people within that specific place. However, how do we go from just a building full of people, to a community of believers striving for one common goal; to lift each other up in the name of Christ? 

Our SAMS missionaries strive to cultivate community through their ministry each day. Ron and Debby Mckeon who serve in Brazil are involved in community actives such as beach clean up. They hope to help the community while at the same time share the love of Christ with those in the neighborhood. 

Mary Chowenhill in Uganda opens up her house to a Bible study in the hopes of creating genuine relationships with those on campus at Ugandan Christian University. 

Justin Deeter is a pastor in North Carolina. He suggests six ways we can cultivate genuine community in the church. 

1. Be Intentional 

2. Be Hospitable 

3. Be Available

4. Be Teachable 

5. Be Forgiving

6. Be Vulnerable

How do you cultivate community in your church, or neighborhood? Visit Justin’s blog to read more about community in the church.