Dear Friends,
This is our prayer mail for Monday, 19 September 2016. 

This is our penultimate prayermail/update. Next week will be our final week. 
This week has been another full week.

On the missions front:

Regarding the distance learning program with Belize, I have arranged for the program to continue via a Main Administrator for technical matters, a Course Design Director, and a Dean of the Faculty (coordinator of the faculty). I plan to continue in the roll of Benefactor for the time being, and continue as Director of the diocesan seminary until my replacement is named. One of the upcoming projects to be undertaken by the Course Design Director is a confirmation curriculum for the diocese, all things being the same.

The future Course Design Director completed a course this week, would complete the entire curriculum at the end of the current and final course that the person is taking. I plan my handoff of the remaining parts of the program to take place when this person has finished the final course, and soon. That means: some information will be passed along, some training to go, my being available for questions, and so forth.

I also made a recommendation for someone interested in Holy Orders (diaconate). 

This week in hindsight: phenomenal, and answered prayers for actually potentially expanding the program. To paraphrase what someone has said: I enabled the program to take off, and now it has wings. The timing was good for doing this. 
It was a full week in other aspects of ministry and in family life as well.

1) Prayers for guidance on the path ahead are still appreciated, including a smooth transition, and also for people in Belize in the wake of my departure.  

2) For the transition of the Diocese of Belize Web site to the creation of a new one.  

3) For the publication of the Spanish Prayer Book, most likely this month. 

I continue to pray for you, every day.
God bless you,
Fr. Shaw, and on behalf of Rev. Julie.